Pressure Washing Job in Mt Holly


mt holly pw mt holly pw2 mt holly pw3

Tis the season for leaf stains on your driveway!! As the leaves fall and are allowed to sit on flat surfaces they act  like a blanket and keep it nice and warm and moist underneath resulting in lots of black stains. Some are from the tannins in the laves that leach out onto the concrete or roof shingles or whatever, but most are mold, mildew, and/or algae. You can blast away all you want with a pressure washer using all the driveway cleaners from HD or Lowes and do nothing but waste your time. You have to KILL this mold FIRST then you can wash the stains away. Care must be taken when using these caustic chemicals as if not properly applied or rinsed/diluted, you’ll wind up killing the grass or bushes or whatever is alongside the driveway/sidewalk. The pics above are just part of a driveway/sidewalk Pressure washing job in Mt Holly. The Entire driveway and sidewalk were completely stained black, but with the right chemicals and the proper dilution and application, the driveway and sidewalk looked like brand new. I’m happy with it , the customer LOVED it so all came out good. On to the next one!